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NWARC Skills Day/ Drivers School - March 8, 2014

Gita e Corsa at The Ridge

The Northwest Alfa Romeo Club has been providing fun and informative High Performance Driving events to automotive enthusiasts in the Northwest for over 20 years.

NWARC's Driver Skills event is a one-day course on the fundamentals of performance driving. Appropriate for novices and experienced drivers alike, Driver Skills provides all participants with lots of seat time and personalized 1:1 instruction. The day is divided into five primary segments:

  • Slalom
  • Wet skidpad
  • Threshold braking and accident avoidance
  • Handling oval
  • Autocross

Sign up at Motorsportreg.

33rd Annual Tulip Rallye

33rd Annual Tulip Rallye The NW MG club's 33rd Annual Tulip Rallye. This event is a gimmick rallye in place of time/distance checkpoints, so everyone will be able to compete successfully. All you need is a sharp eye and a sense of humor. Please note – speed is not recommended!

First 15 car clubs (minimum 5-cars participating) will compete for a First Place award. Non-club entrants can compete in the “open” class. First 150 entrants will receive a free dash plaque. It is recommended that you pack a lunch to enjoy along the way or at the end point while the scores are being tabulated. There are restaurants along the tour route, but they tend to be rather crowded.

Pre-registration will close on April 14th. Any entries received after April 14th will be considered day of. Please fill out the form below and send it along with $12.00 USD or $15.00 CDN per car to MGCCNWC at the address shown below. The cost for day-of registration will be $15.00 (USD) or $18.00 (CDN). Your car number and rallye information will be issued the day of the rallye. For more information call David Ellis @ (425) 277-1086 or day of 425-691-0444 (cell).

Date: Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Time: 8:00-9:00 am (Check in)
Place: Cascade Mall I-5 Exit 230

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