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Steve Schaefer's Hot Lap of PR

  Here we are featuring a hot lap around Pacific Raceway starring Steve Schaeffer and his gorgeous 1965 GTA. The video was shot by Mark Powell ( If you are having trouble viewing the movie make sure you have the latest Quicktime plugin for your browser. This is a largish file so it does take a little bit of time to fully download. It's worth the wait.

This video was taken July 6, 2003 at the 4th of July Historics at Pacific Raceway. This was the Sunday 20 minute race. I got in with a pack of four other Porsche 911's. I was lucky enough to be ahead of the car (mostly) who was taking in-car video. This is one lap during the race. He taped the entire race, and it is available via CD.

July 6th, 2003 Pacific Raceway - Historic Races