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Mille Miglia

  At the July 13th Club Meeting, Dave and Jane Emerson recapped their trip to Italy with a slide show and commentary. Highlights were the start and running of the Mille Miglia historic rallly and the 50th birthday of the Giulietta!
"At the Mille Miglia we met up with Dave Gooley and a bunch of his journalist pals. Jane camped out at the wine bar while we scrutineered. We saw Butch Dennison babying Jon Shirley's 166 MM and later saw Jon racing through the streets of Brescia. At the end of the trip we met with the group from the UK Giulietta register for the 50th birthday celebration. As for the Giulietta birthday party - when Alfa Romeo throws a party, crash it. Opening day we met over 100 interesting Alfas at the Museo Storico in Arese, then, with scorta polizia motociclo doing acrobatics for entertainment, ran through stop lights into Milano and the Piazza Duomo where the cars were displayed. That evening Alfa put on a grand dinner party which continued in Milano's trendy bars. The next day we got two track sessions at Balocco, three counting the 147 GTA ride. Lots of ear and eye candy including the 147 GTA drive, a GTAm and T33 brought out from the Museo, and the 8C Competitione. Attending meant missing the historics at Monaco which they only run on even years. Alas, we'll just have to go again until we get it right. It's a tough job but nobody else volunteered."

Alfa Museo Storico on display during scrutineering before the Mille Miglia

Jon Shirley in his Ferrari 166MM running through Brescia at the start of the Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia above Firenze, a 1750 and Berlina chase car

8C Competitione on display at Balocco