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Safety Requirements

The NWARC requires compliance to the Safety Regulations outlined below for participation in our track events. Our Safety Scrutineers will check the following items the day of the event to confirm you and your vehicle meet the relevant regulations.


Helmets must be rated with one of the following regulating standards. Helmets used in competition will be scrutineered before use to check its suitability. The scrutineer will attach a Green Quadrifolgio approval sticker to the left side of the helmet when approved.

Approved Racing Helmets

Snell SA 2005
Snell SA 2000

Snell Memorial Foundationís Sports Activity (SA) standard is for car racing helmets. SA-standard helmets have tougher visors than motorcycle (M) helmets and are required to pass a roll bar impact test. Web site:

Certification Label.
Snell SA

SFI 31.1A
SFI 31.2A

SFI Foundation Inc's Competition Specifications 31.1A (Open Face) and 31.2A (Closed Face) are comparable to the Snell SA rating. Web site:

Certification Label.

FIA 8860-2004
Fèdèration International de líAutomobile 8860 helmets are comparable to the Snell SA rating. Web site:

Certification Label

BS6658-85 type A/FR
BS6658-85 type A

The British Standards Institution helmets are divided into three categories: Type A/FR (red label) for high-performance helmets with a fire-resistant lining, Type A (blue label) for high-performance helmets and Type B (green label) for lower-rated helmets. Green Label is NOT allowed at NWARC track events. Web site:

Certification Label

Approved Motorcycle Helmets

Snell M 2005
Snell M 2000

Snell Memorial Foundationís Motorcycle (M) standard is approved for use in NWARC events. Web site:

Certification Label
Snell M

SFI 41.1
SFI 41.2

SFI Foundation Inc's Sportsman (motorcycle) Specifications 41.1 (Open Face) and 41.2 (Closed Face) are comparable to the Snell M rating. Web site:

Certification Label

Keep your helmet in a protective helmet bag to avoid damage: if you drop it onto a hard surface you could easily compromise the protection it would afford you in an accident.

We have rental helmets available on a first-come-first-serve basis @ $10.00 ea. per day, contact track registrar to reserve one.

HelmetWrong Helmet

DO NOT wear DOT Department Of Transportation or Athletic style helmets as they are not rated for high speed impact protection.

Safety glasses should be worn if the helmet has no face shield. Driving goggles should be made of shatter-proof glass or plastic. Prescription glasses or sunglasses are permitted.

Must me made of Nomex or 100% cotton/wool and extend to your ankles, wrists and neck. Denim jeans and cotton long sleeved shirt are required minimum attire. If you own a Nomex Driving Suit we recommend you wear it for Alfa Lapping Days.
SuitCotton Clothing
DO NOT wear synthetic (nylon polyester spandex) clothing as it can melt into your skin if you are in a fire.

Leather-topped shoes with 100% cotton/wool socks are required minimum attire.
ShoesWrong Shoes
DO NOT wear high heels, sandals, platform shoes or clogs.

Leather work gloves or Nomex racing gloves are required minimum attire.
GlovesGlovesWrong Gloves
DO NOT wear cotton garden gloves, synthetic (nylon spandex), or perforated open back driving gloves.

Driver and Passenger Restraints (Seat belts)
Factory installed restraints are acceptable. Your car's factory 3-point seat belts are required minimum equipment. Vintage 2-point lap belts must be replaced by a 5 or 6 point Harness restraint system. The Five Point Harness is recommended equipment for all Alfa Track events and mandatory if your vehicle was equipped with a two point lap belt.

Aftermarket restraints installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and certified by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) or Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are acceptable.

Other aftermarket restraints shall be 5 or 6 point, and be certified by Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) or SFI Foundation (SFI). These requirements also apply to ECE and FMVSS restraints that do not met or demonstrate meeting manufacturer installation instructions. These shall be installed as follows:

4 point Harness. The Schroth harness with ASM Technology is the ONLY 4 point restraint system approved for NWARC track events. There are two main reasons why we allow the Schroth Belts. ASM technology and the ability to install the belts to stock harness mounting locations. ASM stands for Anti-SubMarining. It's an extra flap of material sewn into the inboard shoulder belt that prevents you from sliding underneath the lap belt.


Open cars (convertables or targas) must have factory rollover protection or an approved aftermarket rollbar for Performance Driving School and all Lapping Days. Factory pop-up rollover protection, as fitted in modern convertables, is fine for all events. No fixed roll bar is required for schooling events. Open cars manufactured without an OEM installed rollover protection system (factory roll bar) will require a securely mounted after market roll bar. All after market roll bars must meet the following requirements:

Windshields must be free of cracks and defects. Cracks in glass that are longer than four inches will not permitted. You will need to have your windshield repaired prior to the event. We cannot allow you to run your vehicle with that substantial of a crack in the windshield as it becomes a safety issue.

The windshield is an integral part of a modern vehicles safety cage. A cracked windshield will not perform as designed as a piece of safety equipment in a crash and should be replaced.

  1. The windshield supports the roof as much as 60% in some vehicles. Your roof shelters you in a rollover accident.
  2. It helps support the firewall in a forward collision. The firewall is your barrier between you and the engine compartment.
  3. The windshield supports the passenger side airbag when deployed in a frontal collision. The airbag can save you or your family member's life in a frontal collision.
  4. Cracked windshields will alter light coming through to the driver and greatly distort night time vision.

If you cannot repair your windshield in time then we can give you a refund or credit your account for the next event.

More Information
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