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Find Out About Club Events

Our club has a great variety of events scheduled for 2017, including drives, tours, tech sessions, interesting speakers, a car show and parties. One of the activity coordinators' goals is to make details about all events easily accessible, with impending events covered in the Iniezione, all events described on the club website and appropriate events posted on the AROC national website. Another is to make sure a summary article is provided for the Iniezione following the event.

Organize Your Own Event

It's always good to have new ways to meet, share information and have fun. If you have an idea for a club activity—such as a picnic, a guest speaker, a tour, a visit to some interesting location, a drive, etc., follow this procedure:

  • Contact activity coordinators Bill or 425-822-4231 to have them check for conflicts and available dates and possibly refer you to members with experience with the same type of event.
  • Complete plans, write up the information and send it to the activity coordinators.
  • Make plans to write a follow-up article for the Iniezione or assign that responsibility to a volunteer.

We look forward to seeing you at the many events planned for this year and hope to her from you about ideas for future events.

Digital vs Print

Digital Vs Print Newsletter Every month NWARC produces both the print and online versions of the newsletters. What's the best new options in the future. Print? E-mail? Facebook? Alfa Bulletin Board? Weekly or Daily Blog? Web Posting? Twitter? There is no one solution that is currently best for everyone. At this point, we'll continue with Print, Digital (e-mail), Facebook, and Alfa BB. Here is how members get the version they prefer.

1. Subscribe to get the newsletter by e-mail? Send an e-mail to: ...then reply to the msg.

2. Prefer the Print version coming to you? Send me an telling me to keep your Print version coming. I will only mail Print versions to the people who have asked for them.

Alfa Romeo Posters The great Alfa Romeo art created by Rick Andreoli for the 2011 AROC Convention is for sale. Printed as 16" X 20" GiClee (pronounced Jee-clay) archival watercolor paper. Just select Artists and then click on Rick's name.

Drives Wanted: Our club is looking for volunteers to help setup a few one day drives. We know we enjoy driving our cars so if you have some favorite roads and want to sit down and help us create a simple drive route, we encourage you to jump in now. There are a number of us who have created routes before and will work with you to help you become and expert on the topic. Plus, if you lead the drive, you get to enjoy looking in your mirror and seeing all the Alfa Romeos as you drive. When you are ready, contact Shannon Low at:

Looking For Volunteers: They say it takes a village... or at least a bunch of enthusiastic car people. Our Corsa team can always use extra hands to help put on the numerous great track events we hold each year. Everyone knows we hold outstanding track events, which takes a lot of effort and coordination behind the scenes. Turn Workers, Tech Inspectors, Marshalls, Setup, Cleanup, Registration, are typical. To help, contact Joe Faherty at: Additionally, all the track safety supplies, cones, etc are kept in a trailer that needs to be brought to each event. We need people to volunteer to simply pull the trailer to / from the track event. (Can you imagine if we had to cancel one of our events simply because we couldn't get the trailer to the track. Nobody would like that.) If you might be able to tow the trailer to or from one of the events, contact Merril at:

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