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Video Features

The first set of videos were created by our own Joe Fenstermaker. He's not only put together some fine informational videos like the "Finding the Line" video, but some great short peices that show his shared passion for these beautiful automobiles. They are saved here in MPEG4 format so you should be able to watch them in either Quicktime (Mac/PC) or Windows Media Player.
High bandwith files are quite large are best viewed with high speed Cable/DSL/LAN connections.
Low bandwidth files are suitable for standard speed Cable/DSL (or dial up if you have a LOT of patience).
You'll need Quicktime to properly view these videos, click here to get it.

These are good quality videos and may take a few moments to download, they are worth the wait!

Finding the line at PR with Doc Doolittle
MaryHill Loops with Fred Wright
One Lap at PR with Fred Wright
60s GTV country drive
Joe's GTV - The Arrival

The Ridge
The Ridge Motorsports Track is getting closer to reality. Here is a video of lapping at speed on the fresh new pavement.

Alfa Romeo Race at the Sovren Historics 7-3-10
Check out Fred W. making a few laps Pacific Raceways in his GTV during the 2010 Historics Event.

Alfa Novice Track School
See what our novice driver school is like and what skills we work on.

Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen 1948, fun film footage of the first year of racing at the famed Watkins Glen racetrack that used many of the roads around the track area. This video focuses on many of the MGs in the event, but at 1 min 56 sec, at 2 min 57 sec, and again at 3 min 32 sec there is video footage of the race winning Alfa Romeo 8C2900B Lungo driven by Frank Griswold. That car, now belongs to one of our members!

Once you've enjoyed the 1948 Watkins Glen video, watch the video from the 2010 Watkins Glen gathering where the same Alfa Romeo 8C2900B Lungo, now being driven by our club member, Jon S., relives a little of the history along with a number of rare Alfas!

Historics Video

This video was taken July 6, 2003 at the 4th of July Historics at Pacific Raceway. This was the Sunday 20 minute race. I got in with a pack of four other Porsche 911's. I was lucky enough to be ahead of the car (mostly) who was taking in-car video. This is one lap during the race. He taped the entire race, and it is available via CD.

These are all 1991cc Porsches, against my 1600 GTA. The 911's have more torque than me coming out of the turns, but once my motor is past 6000rpm or so, I can usually keep up or pass them. It depends largely on our exit speed of the previous corner. We were probably reaching around 124mph down the straight, I was indicating 7400rpm in 5th.

The red 911 has more power than us all, but either had serious car handling issues, or needs more driving lessons. He was slowing us all up. These 911's all slowed up considerably for Turn 5A, that's where the Alfas shine.
It was a great race, all of us raced cleanly and challenged ourselves, and made a great racing display for the crowd.

-Steve Schaeffer

July 6th, 2003 Pacific Raceway - Historic Races

1963 USRRC at Pacific Raceways
The dates were July 20, 21 back in 1963... check out this fun video of racing history. This was the first year of the United States Road Race Championship (USRRC) at Pacific Raceways which was only in it's fourth season. The USRRC was created by the SCCA which ran the series for six seasons before it was replaced by the Can-Am series. The video doesn't have any Alfa Romeos, but does show plenty of rare cars like Jaguar, Lotus, split window Corvette, Porsche, Shelby Cobra, and Ferrari. Of the Ferrari's there are some amazing shots of 250 GTOs, and even what appears to be a rare Dino 246 SP / 196 SP. Enjoy! Part 1 and Part 2.