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May 2015 Iniezione

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AROO / NWARC Joint Club Drive May 16-17

Hopefully you took the advice given in the January Iniezione and re- served the weekend of May 16-17 for the AROO-NWARC Tour. Further discussion with the planner for the Oregon chapter has ensued and we decided that limiting this first event to two days might encourage more participation from both chapters. We anticipate beginning the tour mid- morning on Saturday (May 16), south of Chehalis, near the intersection of I-5 and US-12 (exit 68). We will head east on US-12 and, depending upon conditions, will divert to Chinook Pass or continue on US-12 to Canyon Rd. toward Ellensburg. There will be ample opportunity for potty stops, socializing, as well as lunch along the way. Later on Satur- day we’ll be finding some nice roads east of Ellensburg and then head to our lodging in time for some socializing, hap- py hour and then on to dinner and more socializing. Do you get the idea that this is an opportunity for members of two of AROC’s largest chapters to mingle and get to know each other better? Accommodation rates are yet to be finalized, but there will be an electronic announcement in the future, as well as notice given in the Iniezione.

On Sunday, AROO folks will head south on a route their planners will design. I intend to head back toward the Seattle metropolitan area via Blewett and Stevens Passes.

Additionally, I expect to take backroads on Friday and reserve a motel room in the Chehalis area to allow a more leisurely Saturday morning before getting to the meeting place. Please let me know if you are interested in knowing what route I will be taking and at which motel I will be bunking on Friday.

I would appreciate hearing from people who plan to participate so we can have a better idea of numbers for lunch, dinner, motel, etc. in advance of finalizing plans. If you have questions, and/or wish to be notified as plans are finalized, please or call 425-241-9307.

27th annual PNW Historics Car Corral July 3-5

Join the festivities at this year’s Pacific NW Historics by parking your Alfa Romeo in the dedicated club space in the Car Corral. Saturday and Sunday includes lunch time parade laps of the track! Car Club Registration is limited to a max of 20 cars per day. Deadline to mail your registration is May 25th but can close earlier if the overall car maximum is reached.

RSVP by May 25th. Call Ron at (206) 403-3445 or fill out the registration form from the latest Iniezione and mail it in (page 7 of the newsletter). Then plan to have fun!

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