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July 2016 Iniezione

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Help Wanted for club newsletter!

Help Wanted One of the key parts to a club is how we communicate the good events, efforts, and friendships shared by all who participate or spectate. Many people refer to it as the glue that binds the club together. True or not, the editor has been a fun and key role that needs to be continued.

I am happy to help split up the tasks and roles. I am also happy to provide coaching, training, guid- ance, software tools, templates, and techniques both now and going forward. If you have the skills, volunteer! If you don’t think you do, I’ll share the info and you will have a new talent... or you’ll figure out how easy it is and how I’ve been faking the stress.

Questions? Call me! Fred 425 308 6621

September Club Meeting, Sept 13

NWARC BBQWe haven’t had a sit down meeting for a few months and we have a lot to talk about... events, conventions, newsletters, and more. Make sure you add this to your calendar. Pre-order your food or bring dinner!

Located back at Wild About Cars Garage
11200 Kirkland Way #200, Kirkland, WA 98033.
The meeting will be Sept 13, from 6:30 until 9:00 PM.

2016 Half Fast Lap of Wasington

This year we head for the North East corner of Washington State. There were a lot of fires last year, but plenty of great spots, nice people, and wonderful roads remain so we’re going there.

The first day, September 17, we’ll head across Stevens Pass and make it most of the way to the Kettle Falls area. The second day, we’ll head to up to Metaline Falls, Boundary Dam, and then head back west through Sherman Pass. The last day has us heading west on Hwy 20 through the North Cascades and back to Seattle.

In all, it should be about 900 miles so plan accordingly. Many wonderful roads and a chance to stretch the cars legs as we go. I’ll have the hotel details in next month’s newsletter.

Save the dates of September 17-19! Spokane and our eastern Washington members can easily join along and meet us enroute.

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