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Performance Driving School

High Performance Driving School, Car Control/Safety, Understanding Vehicle Dynamics

Registration cost is $140.00.
This event is open to valid licensed drivers* who have attended our Driving School or have beginner/novice level experience in High Performance Driving.

*NOTE: Proof of valid drivers license is required for participation.

If you've ever wanted to drive your car at the track but were afraid to because you did not have any track experience, then this is the school for you. If you have been to the track a few times and are still a bit puzzled about how to improve your driving skills, then this school is for you. If you have driven at tracks many times but find new courses difficult to learn, then this school is for you.

Bremerton Raceway provides a safe environment for you to learn the skills needed to participate in Performance Driving Events.

This school will focus on basic car handling techniques and the physics involved in your vehicles reactions. You will learn how to judge and execute the correct line through any corner and how to slow down to drive faster, plus much more.

The morning will be spent on exercises that focus on specific aspects of driving and the afternoon will be spent using your newly learned skills on the track.