What to Bring to the Track

The following are suggestions on what you might need at the track on any given day.

For You

  • WATER (Bring lots of water to drink, you will be surprised how quickly you can become dehydrated even if it's raining.)
  • Hat (One for the rain, and one if it's sunny.)
  • Sunscreen (Unless it's raining, but cloudy days at Bremerton will still give you a sunburn.)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (The paddock is far away from everything.)
  • Folding Chair (Unless you like sitting on the ground.)
  • Plastic box w/ lid (Great for keeping stuff in, dry, cool, safe, etc.)
  • Rain Jacket (Funny how wet you can get when there's no trees to stand under.)
  • Snacks (Lunch is only once and dinner is a good long drive from any track, stay nourished.)
  • Wet Wipes (Depending on which track, a sink to wash hands is hard to come by.)
  • Drivers License (You know who you are, but we don't.)
  • Towels (Wearing wet clothes on your leather seats isn't fun.)
  • Change of clothes (You might get wet or stinky, depends on the day.)
  • Helmet & track clothes (Yes, people forget these all the time.)

For Your Car

  • Work gloves (Ever change hot wheels covered in brake dust with your bare hands?)
  • Window Cleaner (Streaks on the windshield can impair your vision)
  • Paper Towels (Grubby finger wipers.)
  • Extra Oil (Your car will need snacks too.)
  • Some Hand Tools (Socket set, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, etc.)
  • Tarp (A blue tarp can keep your stuff dry or shield you from the sun.)
  • Duct Tape (Hey it comes in clear now so your track damage repair isn't as noticeable.)
  • Electrical Tape (Loose wires can cause all sorts of problems.)

What NOT to Bring to the Track

  • Bungy Cord (If your vehicle requires a bungy cord to hold it together then it should not be on the track. Only for before and after the event when you haul your stuff in your car. NO bungies holding the battery in!)
  • Alcohol (You will be asked to leave the premises. NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • Lunch (The club provides you with a nice meal at noon.)
  • Sandals or High heels (The track can be a dangerous place for unprotected feet. You will not be allowed to drive wearing either style footwear.)

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