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Lapping Day

High Performance Driving Event

Registration cost is Bremerton $140.00. Pacific Raceways $220.00. Late registration $250.00*. Pacific Raceways Evening Event is $180.00.

This event is only open to valid licensed drivers* who have attended our Performance Driving School or have High Performance Driving [HPD] experience with other driving clubs**, such as the BMW or Porsche club, or have attended the ProFormance Racing School** at Pacific Raceway.

*NOTE: Proof of valid drivers license is required for participation, please present your valid drivers license to the Track Registrar when you check-in.

**NOTE: Proof of participation in other HPD clubs or previous track experience is required for participation.

Novices are welcome
Instructors will be available to work with Novice drivers. Novice drivers must have previous track experience before they will be allowed to participate at Pacific Raceways. Participation in lapping days Bremerton Raceway is the suggested way to get the track experience needed to drive at Pacific Raceways. Novice drivers must have completed our basic driving school (or its equivalent sponsored by another club) before driving at Pacific Raceways.