2017 Track Calendar


The NW Alfa Romeo Club would like to invite you back out to Pacific Raceways for our Spring Driver Skills Clinic. This is a course that is worth attending once or twice per year. With winter here it's a great opportunity to brush up on car control skills that will keep you confident and safe in adverse road conditions.

We've changed the format just a bit and added a couple new exercises including "braking in a corner" and an enhanced "accident avoidance" skill station. The overall course has been condensed into a 3-hour program, with ground school and concentrated rotation through the exercises.

We would love to see you all as returning drivers, but even more important is to spread the word to new drivers. Anyone have friends, family or neighbors with new/teen drivers this year? This is an extremely valuable course for them, and for drivers with newly purchased vehicles or experienced/senior drivers who feel just a bit too timid or nervous behind the wheel. Come out for the fun, for the learning, and for the experience of a lifetime. All licensed drivers are welcome, and all vehicle types are encouraged. This is about learning better skills and control in the car you drive every day.

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