NWARC Member Gallery

Welcome to our member gallery. Below you'll find photos and brief profiles on our members cars. If you are a NWARC member and you want to submit your Alfa for display in the gallery, please see our submission guidelines.

1965 GTA
Steve Schaeffer - 1965 GTA
1970 Berlina
Damian Magista - 1970 Berlina
1985 GTV-6
Kathy Lombardo - 1985 GTV-6
1967 Giulia Super
Pat Hood - 1967 Giulia Super
1972 Berlina
Keith MacKay - 1972 Berlina
1972 GTV
Dave Emerson - 1972 GTV
1958 Giulietta Sprint
Jane Emerson - 1958 Giulietta Sprint
1992 Spider Veloce
Jonathan Thames - 1992 Spider Veloce
1974 Spider
John & Andrea Deshaye - 1974 Spider
1967 Duetto
Rod McNae - 1967 Duetto
1971 Jr. Z
Gordy Hyde - 1971 Jr. Z and 1974 Spider

Alfa Club Event Gallery

Alfa Novice School
Alfa Novice School
Evening Track Event
Evening Track Event

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